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We take a holistic approach to integrating guidelines, policies and proactive measures for various cyber threats.

  • Onsite and Remote Sustenance

    Our onsite and remote IT support will ensure that all your enterprise security needs, from single location to large, and complex multiple-site networks are catered to.

  • SLA based approach

    We offer a simple and effective way to measure the security level and to verify that grants are being respected.

  • Professional Services

    Our experts evaluate your current enterprise data security strategy and help design, build, and manage data security centers of excellence that meet your security and regulatory compliance objectives.

Security management practice reviews are essential to ensure that strategies continue to meet the demands of the constantly changing threat environment and regulatory landscape. Your organization will have defined a security strategy, implemented it, and will need to monitor it through robust governance processes and reporting.

Managing Privileged Identity Management

We at Technosprout continually evolve our approach for helping organizations identify, manage, and secure privilege everywhere it exists. We firmly believe that protection must be focussed on securing and managing access for the thousands of human and machine identities in IT environments — any of which can become privileged at any moment, depending on what they’re accessing or doing.

Our CyberArk certified workforce are experts in project execution methodology that includes the discovery of assets, sizing and installation of its CyberArk vault and associated components, onboarding of devices especially for networking, security, and web-based management consoles.

Below are the PIM managing services that we provide:

  • Health check-up and sanitization
  • Troubleshooting CyberArk setup, target devices, and password change
  • Modification or deletion of existing servers and accounts
  • CyberArk version update
  • Patch updates
  • Telephonic support/chat support
  • On-site support
  • DR Drill
  • Testing break glass
  • Executive review settings
  • Run discovery tool
  • Support window

Managing Cloud Security

You should understand that cloud security is a shared responsibility of the user and the cloud service provider. When shifting to the cloud, you must have a clear understanding of potential security risks associated with cloud computing and set realistic expectations with your cloud service providers. 

Following are the ways in which you can effectively manage cloud security:

  • Ensure effective governance and compliance.
  • Audit operation and business processes.
  • Manage identities and roles.
  • Proper data protection.
  • Enforcing privacy policies.
  • Ensuring that cloud networks and connections are safe.
  • Evaluate physical infrastructure.
  • Access security considerations for cloud applications.
  • Evaluate security controls. 

Technosprout is a one-stop destination for all your cloud-related needs. Our team is efficient in managing all the above steps to provide a safe and secure cloud environment for you.