The security of all business assets in an IT organization depends on the security of privileged accounts. Most of the data breaches are due to the result of compromised privileged credentials. That makes monitoring and protecting privileged accounts the most important aspect of cybersecurity. Along with privilege account security, you must also implement the least security privilege on the endpoint. This is important as the local administrator rights are the prime targets for cybercriminals.

We have helped over 20+ ET100 companies to secure their Keys to Kingdom ” PRIVILEGE ACCOUNTS”

We are proud to be a Gold Partner with CyberArk and offer their privileged identity management services. Together we address one of the biggest security concerns in the world today – the security of highly sensitive information of your organization.

Technosprout helps organizations with the ability to take a risk-based approach to credential and session management. Enforce least privilege principles and lockdown domain controllers to defend against both internal and advanced persistent threats.

We are dedicated to stopping attacks before they stop your business. We offer you the best security services for your organization to protect it from cybercriminals so that you can completely focus on your projects and not worry about security. Please refer to the table below to get an idea of the service packages which we offer our customers.


Analyze all the accounts and identities in your organization for the permissions and access that they have through our assessment test. Get a clear picture of the risks associated with all identities – both human and non-human. 

The assessment will help your organization determine:

  • Your organization’s risk for a security breach involving the privileged passwords.
  • Which all identities have privileged access or over permissions?
  • If you can recover privileged credentials after an incident?
  • Inappropriate use of privileged identities.
  • Can you act quickly when suspicious privileged account use occurs?
  • What are the potential projects and services that can be introduced to the IAM program, via a multi-year road map, to raise IAM maturity?
  • Your current risk, technology, and human-environment scenario. 


Technosprout’s identity management design services address both the process and technology aspects of identity management. We help you design and build identity management architectures and processes. With this, you will be able to achieve the desired identity assurance and create a foundation for your entire enterprise security stack. 

  • High-level architecture blueprints covering the identity management aspects required by the customer requirements document.
  • Architecting many complex environments that include onboarding privilege accounts for both traditional and on-prem and new cloud-native environments even in downtime or disaster situations. 


Our team is efficient in managing all your identities to provide a safe and secure working environment for you. Following are the ways in which you can effectively manage all your identities on cloud and on-prem as well:

  • Ensure effective governance and compliance.
  • Audit operation and business processes.
  • Manage identities and roles.
  • Proper data protection.
  • Enforcing privacy policies.
  • Ensuring that cloud networks and connections are safe.
  • Evaluate physical infrastructure.
  • Access security considerations for cloud and on-prem applications.
  • Evaluate security controls. 


We offer three packages for sustenance; basic, business and enterprise. You can choose a package depending on your company’s requirements. The list of services offered for each of these packages is listed below.