Core Privileged Accounts

  • Network Devices

  • Firewalls

  • Servers

  • Storages

  • Databases

Hard-coded Application Passwords

  • Simplify Securing Applications

  • Enforce regulatory application credential monitoring

Just in Time Credentials

  • No VPN

  • No Agents

  • No Passwords

  • 0 trust JIT Provisioning

Privileges on End-points

  • Reduce the risk of unmanaged admin access on endpoints

  • Implement least privilege to contain malware

Security for Privileged Accounts

For both humans and machines, on-premise or on cloud


Security for Cloud and Dev Ops

For non-stop Cloud Operations

Cloud Visibility

  • Understand the consumption pattern

  • Gain insight into workload and application classification

  • Get visibility into lifecycle asset change management and attribution

Container Security

  • Easily implement and maintain compliance for the Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and AWS CIS Benchmarks

  • Integrate security directly into the CI process

  • Establish access control measures for cloud workloads and cloud native apps across underlying hosts

Enable DevSecOps

  • Integrate security into any existing build and deployment process using native plugins for CI/CD tools like Jenkins

  • Set thresholds for security and compliance, in the build

SASE and SaaS

  • FW-as-a-service, DNS, Cloud Gateway, DLP, Cas-B

  • Governance and Compliance

  • User Behavior Monitoring

  • Advanced Threat Protection


Next generation Firewalls

  • Physical and Virtual FW

  • Branches and Remote Locations

  • Perimeter

  • Security for Mobility

Security Subscriptions


  • URL Filtering

  • DNS

  • Enterprise DLP


  • Reduction in False Positives

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Continuous Threat Hunting

Threat Intelligence

  • High-fidelity intel sources

  • Researcher-curated context

  • Powerful granular search

Security for the Network

Next generation protection for next generation infrastructure


Security for your end-points

For BYOD as well as office-provided devices

AI Based Protection

  • Share Threats

  • Prevent them early

  • Enterprise-wide Detection and Response

Single light-weight Agent

  • Detection

  • Response

  • Continuous Protection

Behavioural Security

  • Single, cloud-delivered agent for endpoint protection, detection and response

  • Examine the behavior of multiple related processes to uncover attacks

Protect Credentials

  • Prevents tools from accessing system passwords

  • Malicious insiders cannot misuse credentials or escalate privileges

  • Quick isolation, termination and reporting


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