6 Benefits of Working with Technosprout

Join our team and enjoy an extensive range of employee benefits including health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, competitive compensation and professional development opportunities.

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Team Engagement

We are firm believers in team engagement. Every event is celebrated with the same zest and excitement. We think that “happy employees” make “happy clients”.


Maternity Benefits

Apart from providing the female employees with 26 weeks of maternity leave, the employee can work from home for two months after the end of maternity leave. This can help the employee to balance her work and life.


Gender Neutral

When it comes to hiring, we are not gender biased. We are pleased to hire people based on their abilities, regardless of gender. In our firm, we welcome applications from people of all genders.


Vacation and Other Leaves

Whether you’d like a vacation on a beach or to relax at home, it’s up to you!, it’s up to you! Additionally, we offer paid sick leaves, bereavement leave, miscarriage leave and extended personal leave. We value your health and well-being and empower you to take ownership of your earned and well-deserved time away.


Individual Employee Growth

Our Performance Management Policy is designed in such a way that it helps in personal development of an employee. We focus on employee competency development which in turn leads to growth of an employee.


Employee Mediclaim

Employee health insurance benefit is extended by us to our employees. With Employee Health Insurance, the employees get the benefits of basic health insurance coverage. This is extremely beneficial in the event of an emergency hospitalization.