Career at Technosprout

Our people, processes and technology serve as the foundation upon which we build all of our endeavors. We welcome you on board as we work comprehensively to service and support the world's most innovative enterprises as they embark on their journey of cloud security.

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Life at Technosprout

Working with us offers a variety of benefits, such as access to cutting-edge technology, a team of experienced professionals and a dynamic & collaborative work environment. Our company values innovation and creativity as we encourage our employees to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table. We also invest in the growth and development of our team members, providing opportunities for training and advancement. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued and respected.

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Our Values

Customer First Approach

For us the customer comes first! We put the customer at the center of organizational decision-making instead of organizing around products.

We are Curious

Highly driven by curiosity, we believe that progress demands to get beyond the obvious and open ourselves to new possibilities.

We Keep it Simple

When we say, we keep it simple; our key priority is creating a workflow that is solution- oriented. Maintaining high level transparency, we follow the best practices in running our company and maintain happy clients.

We are Principled

Being principled, we take great pride in stating that we offer a welcoming and a compassionate workplace. We assist each other in helping resolve important issues. By doing so, we take our work seriously and stop at nothing hence keeping a result oriented approach.

We Focus on Efficiency

Through our one punch at a time approach we target vulnerabilities from the root, nullifying the threats and establishing a no risk environment digitally. Our expertise comes from a highly qualified team. We have built a razor-sharp team of security analysts to implement and manage complex Security projects.

We're best at what we do!

Cloud Security being our thrust area, we believe in delivering what we promise! Trust being at the core of what we do, we don’t over commit and under deliver! Technosprout pledges to protect your cloud and brand against vulnerabilities and threats.