Secrets Management

Ensure Secure Access and Policy Compliance for Non-Human Identities: Empower Your Organization with Effective Secrets Management.

SecretManagement | Secrets Management

Inadequate secrets management poses a critical security risk, exposing sensitive data and systems to unauthorized access. Failure to protect crucial secrets like passwords, API keys, encryption keys, database credentials and authentication tokens undermines the fundamental defense mechanisms that safeguard valuable resources, leaving organizations vulnerable to data breaches and malicious exploitation.

Employing an advanced secrets management system, fortified with cutting-edge security measures, eliminates human dependencies, fortifies vulnerabilities and safeguards sensitive data against unauthorized access, data breaches along with identity theft, ensuring unparalleled levels of protection as well as integrity.


Break free from human reliance and eradicate vulnerabilities caused by hard-coded and embedded secrets.

Why This?

Streamlines IT operations

Reduce Credential Theft

Improves and Strengthens Security

Eliminate Password and Secret Fatigue

Secrets management process follows strict guidelines to ensure the highest level of security. This includes restricting the use of hard-coded secrets and default passwords, enforcing specific password formats, implementing mandatory secrets revocation in certain cases, and establishing fixed periods for secrets rotation.

Securely encrypt and store data in the storage backend of your preference for enhanced data protection and confidentiality.

Programmatically generated and ephemeral, these secrets are created upon access, eliminating the risk of theft or unauthorized use. With immediate revocation after use, their lifespan is minimized, enhancing security.

What You Gain?

Centrally manage keys

Securely store secrets

Automate pushing secrets

Name Spaces

Create audit trail of secrets

Secure Plugins