Maximize your ROI - As we secure your cloud

Our expert professional services team at Technosprout Systems with industry best practices helps you mitigate risks and implement your cloud security strategy. Work with our team today to consistently identify, investigate and secure your organization.

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The current challenge for organizations is to ensure secure access and protection of sensitive data in the cloud while managing multiple user identities and permissions.

Technosprout is deeply committed to its clients' journey to value, achieve and accelerate. We create a premier  customer experience by proactively educating, enabling and implementing proven best security practices.

We provide a variety of comprehensive and flexible customer success and support alternatives that are both budget-friendly and match your business goals. We are known for our USP of Implementation and sustenance of your cloud security posture.

Service Plan Decoded

Technosprout is here to support you throughout your journey. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your investment


Kick-off meetings.

Understand and discover risk and vulnerability.

Deliver roadmap on actual finding and needs.


Create a customer environment-centric document that consists of all the discoveries and recommendations so that we can deploy state of art solutions with best practices.


Deploy the solution and make it accessible for smooth implementation of test plans in the customer’s environment.


We provide you with periodic sprint-based reports to monitor the software’s performance in your environment and prevent any obstacles or validate results.


The customer receives a technical overview related to Implementation and adaptation of TSPL services/solutions along with a project handover sheet.

Service Plan Decoded

Technosprout is here to support you throughout your journey. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your investment

Why do companies choose us?

01. Comprehensive Planning

As the DevOps lifecycle plays a significant role, the project planning and output are made compatible with your environment. We simply meet your organizational goals by implementing a smooth road map that has been segregated into Discovery, Plan, Deploy and Test phase while we finally end the cycle by providing sustenance packages.

02. Experts with Vast Experience

Meeting your business goal is what we too thrive for, therefore with each step you take towards joining forces with us for a specific project, you’ll get immediate access to a limitless network of expertise.

03. Strong Product Understanding / Expertise

With industry best practices, we are strongly embedded with our project management system providing you with trailblazing security innovation.

04. Product Specifics

Our implementation engineers are equipped with hands-on extensive, tactical and operational expertise. These specialists are product specific and will be your trusted advisors, who will help you sail through your overall implementation phase.

05. Express Onboarding

TPSL's deployment programs aim to accelerate your success path by instilling best practices and ensuring reliable software implementation.

06. Project Governance/ Management

Evolution doesn't happen overnight, therefore we have developed a detailed project plan outline that will assist you right through the initial stages of deployment and further until you successfully adopt your preferred solution in a span of a month.

Best at what we do!


When partnering with Technosprout we make it a point that our services and solutions are designed to facilitate your preferred cloud environment. We offer assistance with:

1. Plan, Identify, Succeed.
2. Provision of the ideal solution/service.
3. Streamline deployment process.


After implementation comes sustenance. Our experts provide cloud security support and maintenance, including assistance with:

1. Security monitoring and incident response.
2. Services for Prisma, Okta, Cyberark and Hashicorp.
3. Maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

Trusted by Industry Experts

Team and Accredition

By partnering with us on a project, not only will you be taking a step towards reaching your business objectives, but you’ll also gain access to a vast network of expertise. This network is made up of industry leaders and professionals, all of whom are dedicated to helping you secure your cloud. With this level of support, you can feel confident knowing that every decision you make is backed by some of the best minds in the industry.

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