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Technosprout’s Effective Methodology Reviewed by CyberArk

“PAM is all about securing the keys to your kingdom,” says Gartner’s senior director Felix Gaehtgens. “It is one of the most critical security controls to implement.” According to Gartner, “Privileged, administ...

Endpoint Security

How to mitigate Endpoint Security Risks Exposures

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed everything about the way we work. Securing your networks now will pay dividends long into the future because cybercriminals aren’t going away. Amidst this extended glo...

Endpoint Security

‘Lockdown’ the vulnerabilities during this Pandemic: Secure Privilege on the Endpoint

Amidst talk of global lockdowns and economic crashes, though, one of the major impacts of the virus has gone slightly overlooked. With millions of workers worldwide now being forced to work from home, they are ...

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security: XDR AI-based automated threat detection & response

As the volume and variety of endpoints grow, traditional signature-based and pre-programmed methods for security and anti-malware struggle to keep up. Not only are devices proliferating, but threat types and fa...



Organizations are increasing software-as-a-service use, hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments, and multi-cloud deployment and interconnectivity. Whether oriented toward end-user access to applications and ser...

Cloud Security Firewall

Replace Proxy Firewalls with Cloud delivered Security

Proxy-based firewalls or web proxies have been considered an essential security component for some time now, but the question remains: Can proxies really help keep users safe?The first proxy-based firewalls ach...

Cloud Security

Integrated DevOps Security by PaloAlto

Why does it seem so hard to consistently deploy secure application infrastructure in the public cloud? Gartner predicts that by 2025, 99% of cloud security breaches will be the customer’s fault. The majority of...