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With Cloud Network Security proactively secure your cloud native applications and environments against constantly evolving threats.

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Organizations that do not implement a cloud network security solution are at higher risk of cyber attacks, data loss and compliance violations due to the complexity and dynamic nature of cloud environments. Without adequate security measures in place, organizations that rely on cloud environments are more vulnerable to cyber threats and breaches, which can result in devastating consequences such as reputational damage and financial losses.

With Prisma Cloud’s CNS, organizations can get complete visibility and protection in any cloud environment, while improving efficiency and collaboration through automation. Plus, with the ability to detect and prevent lateral attack movement, security teams can reduce risk and keep their digital assets safe.

Stay ahead of security risks in your cloud native environment with a comprehensive CNS solution designed to protect against the latest threats.

Why This?

CNS solutions enhance visibility and control

Consistently implement and enforce security policies

Proactively detect and respond to threats

Ensure compliance and minimize risks

Prisma Cloud employs advanced ML to detect network anomalies and zero-day attacks with minimal false positives. It detects port scans, reconnaissance techniques, unusual port/server activities and DNS threats, without changing the network infrastructure. This provides complete visibility and protection against threats to critical assets, such as PII and financial information, enabling efficient remediation activities.

Prisma Cloud provides comprehensive visibility to critical cloud assets and their effective internet exposure, enabling security teams to reduce alert noise and improve risk assessment. By analyzing the network exposure of resources, Prisma Cloud helps to reduce false positives and alerts, allowing security teams to focus on critical risks and make informed security decisions.


Prisma Cloud offers microsegmentation capabilities that enable security teams to map out and visualize the communication paths of applications to prevent lateral movement of threats without disrupting the network. With network flow mapping, enforcement can be achieved gradually using allow, alert and blocking actions. Additionally, cloud-native attributes can be utilized for writing network segmentation rules, making it easier for security teams to reduce risks without making significant changes to the network.


What You Gain?

Unusual port and server activity detection

DNS threat detection

Comprehensive visibility

Reduce alert fatigue

Network flow mapping

Shift left