Cloud Workload Protection

Keep your cloud workloads secure with Prisma Cloud's advanced threat detection and real-time protection capabilities.

PC CWP | Cloud Workload Protection

Organizations that neglect to implement cloud workload protection risk leaving their infrastructure and applications exposed to a growing number of sophisticated cyber threats that can bypass traditional security measures and compromise sensitive data. As cloud adoption continues to accelerate, the need for effective workload protection is becoming increasingly critical to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizational data and applications.

By adopting the Cloud Workload Protection Platform by Prisma Cloud organizations can help protect against a wide range of cyber threats through features such as real-time threat detection, network segmentation, vulnerability management and compliance monitoring. By implementing cloud workload protection, organizations can better secure their cloud environment, reduce the risk of a successful attack and maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

Prisma Cloud’s Workload Protection Platform feature offers comprehensive security for your cloud-native applications and infrastructure.

Why This?

Potentially threatening workloads in real time - Automated alerts - Supports easy integration

Easy-to-use - Comprehensive and targeted protection for workload management in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Helps enterprises to achieve flexibility with regard to application and workload security

Improves response time - Seamless scalability while helping reduce capital expenditure

Prisma Cloud provides comprehensive vulnerability management for cloud-native applications, delivering a centralized view to prioritize risks and offer remediation guidance. It enables precise policies to alert or prevent vulnerabilities, integrates with CI/CD pipelines and existing systems, and supports all cloud-native technologies.

Prisma Cloud provides purpose-built controls to ensure compliance with leading frameworks, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and NIST SP 800-190. It offers a single dashboard to monitor compliance posture for hosts, containers and server-less functions and covers CIS Benchmarks for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and Linux. Trusted images are used to ensure that application components originate only from authorized sources and compliance checks can be integrated throughout the application life-cycle to prevent misconfigurations.

Prisma Cloud is a runtime defense solution that protects cloud-native applications from threats and unwanted activity. It supports multiple platforms, including Linux, Containers, Kubernetes, PaaS, server-less and unifies protection into a single solution for easier management. The platform's automated baseline policies enable enterprise-scale security without manual effort and it provides context-rich data to SOC teams by mapping incidents to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Prisma Cloud offers detailed forensics and metadata to identify and track threats for ephemeral cloud-native workloads.

What You Gain?

CI/CD Security

Runtime Defence

Container Access Control

Web App and API security

Image Analysis Sandbox

Agentless and agent-based Security