Code Security

Prisma Cloud offers you robust automated security solutions for cloud-native infrastructure and applications, seamlessly integrated with a wide range of developer tools.

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Threat landscapes are rapidly evolving and organizations face a challenge in ensuring robust code security as software systems become more complex and require frequent updates. Inadequate code security can leave them vulnerable to data breaches, financial losses and reputational damage.

Cloud-native app development can be fast-paced and complex, making it challenging for security teams to keep up. But by adopting DevOps best practices like CI/CD, IaC, DevSecOps, automation tools and robust security testing, organizations can streamline their security processes, better protect their apps and infrastructure and ensure a reliable software development process.

Secure code across modern architectures and supply chains with a single comprehensive tool.

Why This?

Scanning capabilities for IaC templates, container images and open-source packages.

Simplify full-stack security with its connected visibility and policy controls

Streamline security operations and protect businesses from advanced threats

Prisma Cloud provides end-to-end code security.

Infrastructure as code allows cloud infrastructure to be secured in code prior to deployment. Prisma Cloud simplifies security throughout the software development lifecycle with automation and by integrating security into DevOps workflows for popular tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, Dockerfile, Serverless and ARM templates.

Secure composition analysis (SCA) in Prisma Cloud helps organizations identify and manage security risks associated with open-source libraries and third-party components in their software supply chain. With SCA, organizations can detect vulnerabilities, license compliance issues and other security risks in real time, enabling them to proactively manage these risks and improve the overall security posture of their cloud-native applications. Prisma Cloud also offers integration with CI/CD pipelines to enable early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Prisma Cloud's secret security capabilities enable organizations to secure secrets, such as passwords, API keys and certificates across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This helps prevent data breaches and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to critical resources, providing enhanced security and compliance for cloud-native applications. With Prisma Cloud, organizations can gain visibility into their secret inventory and apply access controls and policy-based enforcement to ensure secret data is secured and managed effectively.

What You Gain?

Misconfiguration Detection For Code Security

Offer Real-Time Feedback on Code as it's Written

Generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Align 'Version Control Systems' (VCS) Configurations to Best Practices

Uncover Hidden Secrets in a Wide Range of File Types

Avoid Costly Open-Source License Violations