Our Leadership Team

At Technosprout, our team is a diverse blend of talents from various backgrounds and global sources of inspiration. Explore our professional career journeys – full of surprises!

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Forging new pathways for success.

Meet the diverse and talented team at Technosprout Systems – your trusted Cloud, Data and Identity Security Company.

Together, we ensure the utmost protection for your digital assets.

Kamesh Mankad1 | Contact Us

Kamesh Mankad

Chief Executive Officer

Rashmi Sharma Mankad1 | Contact Us

Rashmi Sharma Mankad

Chief Operating Officer

Vikas P1 | Contact Us

Vikas Pandey

Head Solution Architect

Nehal Tendulkar1 | Contact Us

Nehal Tendulkar

Human Resource Manager

Musauveer Ahmed1 | Contact Us

Musauveer Ahmad

Head Cloud Security